All Saint’s C of E Primary School Batik


Well what a privilege it was to be asked to do a design and create day in All Saint’s primary C of E school.. It was a fast whistle stop day, going into each class to get every child to make their mark and each class to decide how they as a class would like to be portrayed for the final batik and creation.  It was an amazing day.. although time was limited the children and staff came up with some amazing ideas and illustration to depict the values and mini mission statements for each class..

Early years had fun drawing eggs with patterns, having just seen baby chicks, hatch, and grow they thought it very apt that as the newest members of All Saint’s primary they too would be like the chicks growing and developing..

In year 1 class they decided to draw flowers, bright and colourful like them.. and their statement was growing together..

Year two had fun drawing amazing stars, everyone was different , just like each member of the class. They felt their class was summed up as being “Out of this world”. To strive to meet their full potential.

Year 3 thought their hands were important. They as a class love doing creating and practical things.. therefore their statement is “Hands working together”.. each hand is so very different, we do things differently and  have different skills and interests..

Year 4 had a great time designing rockets. They as a class feel as though they always try to “Aim High”, Being the best that they can be.

Year 5 decided to use houses as their symbol of community. They drew some impressive buildings which alone where unique, but together as a collective made a beautiful picture. there statement is “We are all unique but together we are a masterpiece.”

Year 6 did a collection of amazing designs to draw all the above together, using the schools logo and mission statement to underpin this wonderful creation.

Each class canvas can stand alone, however more importantly each class canvas can come together with all classes to be one whole collaborative  school creation depicting a school whose values are very visible .


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