All Soul’s Church project…Cobblestone Community


Well what an amazing 2014, I have been working with some amazing people across Bolton as part of the All Soul’s Banner project for the official opening this weekend…

When Amy Llewellyn asked me to be part of this I really didn’t expect to be working with so many wonderful folk!! It has been a real community effort with so many people creating.. The finished pieces are a labour of love. Children and adults of all abilities have had ago. The final results reflect the diverse community in which we live.. We used the elephant as a symbol to connect communities as it has been used as a quality mark in the cotton industry in Bolton and the elephant is embedded in the history of Bolton. It has also been incredible the amount of elephants produced…both 2D and 3D at least 500+. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to use them all, but what a wonderful measure of peoples enthusiasm to be involved.. We will do something with them though… I would like to thank so many people, Grainne Pendlebury for supporting me in schools, Gill Fletcher at St Thomas’, Vicky Fenton at The Valley. Shayaz Issa for co-ordinating the parent creative group who’s efforts were incredible.. Anne Lodmore and her creative team. All the inspiring people at Café Create who really got into elephants… The St Peter’s sewing group…Christine Brockbank for hours at the Mill. Norman Hindley for his great knowledge and detail. Ann Lowton and Andrew for doing my shifts in the Café to accommodate the finishing off….Pete Marsh for offering studio space when I needed it….and Amy L for the opportunity. Here’s a sneak preview of the finished creations…


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