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The dandelion Clock……….



This image of the dandelion clock sums up how I see the church….His Church. We are joined in Jesus portrayed in the heart and centre of the dandelion….We come together to worship and then to grow through His word, teaching and our personal life experiences.. In Him, The Heart we are united… and then in God’s time through the Spirit we are released to do His work.
The truth is, God has no hands. The only way for God to get things done in the world is through human hands, our hands. We are the hands of God to reach out and serve and make a difference in the lives of others. The power to help, the power to heal, the power to make a difference in the world is in our hands.

At the same time like the words of this song are illustrated through the dandelion clock.
Wind blow on me;
Wind, Wind set me free!
Wind, Wind my father sent
The blessed Holy Spirit.

When you have a desire to see life from a different perspective and not that of the world and to try and hold societies values and consumer culture at arms length, I think there is a sense of release. Freedom almost, that there is a different way, you do not have to conform and get tied up and trapped in things that we do not really see as important…

I ask Lord Jesus, set us free, to be who you made us to be. Build us up and send us out. Let us recognise the freedom we have in you. We can so easily pass by opportunities that you have for us, help us to be more alert to Your voice and make the time for the opportunities you present to us, to bless others and receive blessings you have for us. We want you to put on our hearts your plans for us and want to be your hands here on earth.

Set us free to live for others,
That the world the Son might see
And Jesus’ name exalted be.
Wind, blow on me.
Wind, wind set me free!
Wind, wind the Father sent
The blessed Holy Spirit.


Images: Batik, appliqué and embellishment February 2014