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“Enter His gates with thanks giving”


Batik and hand embellishment
enter His gates with thanks givingIMG_2920
These pieces are inspired by the thought of Victorian walled gardens, with many garden rooms, with collections of different plants, shrubs and trees…Rooms of fragrance, rooms of flavour, rooms of colour and beauty, rooms of texture, rooms of remedy and medicinal, rooms of sculptural forms and rooms for sensory adventures. Each one created by the expert, knowing how to cultivate and nurture and knowing each specimen by name…
I Liken this to our heavenly Father knowing you, me and us….We are all unique specimens, no two people the same, similar perhaps but totally individual. Each room has been prepared for us….He prepares us and cultivates and nurtures us for what He has planned for us. He has prepared a place for us…

Enter His gates with thanks giving and praise….