Monthly Archives: March 2013

“He knows the plans He has for you…..”


The Blue Print
Well what an amazing 12 months…..CreateBolton found a home at Claremont House, Create@Claremont, the team has multiplied and the volunteers are growing in abundance. I knew God was going to grow teams in the name of CreateBolton, this was a vision He gave me many years ago… and it was a great milestone when two teams from CreateBolton went out into schools a couple of weeks ago, Steph O heading up one team and me another with our amazing volunteers…thank you God.
On that same note…I have just worked in a school doing an amazing project where the children did the blueprint for the designs, they followed those designs and then added splendid colours and embellishments. The result was spectacular, a bit like God’s plans for us! If we follow this process letting God’s plans be the blueprint and follow his word, the design unfolds. He colours it with amazing splendour, and embellishes it with the right people and resources at the right time…on reflection, even when the going gets tough, you can see that’s part of His plan to get you just where he wants you be…